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Strength Training aids Sports Performance

A stronger athlete will be better at their sport. Strength of the body will allow the athlete to perform sports tasks and strategy at a higher rate. "Strength to hold position, Strength to move through position!" Coach Joe Micela.

Athletes that can control their bodies through a series of Isometric, Concentric, and Eccentric Muscle Contractions have a higher rate of success. Training in these three major areas through systematically picked exercises along with planned sets and repetitions will allow the athlete to dominate their opponents.

Typically athletes need to train between 2-5 days per week in a Resistance Based exercise program with 3-6 working sets per a given muscle group. The body must be physically stressed to a point of adaptation and change. Too much stress without significant time to adapt and then the athlete can be overwhelmed and decreases in performance can occur. Too little in the stress response and the body will not be pushed enough to adapt above and beyond the capable means. If the stress continues to be too little then the body will lower it's standards down to the level of the stress. Just as the body will raise it's adaptation level as the stress is increased.

Coach Joe Micela through his experience, education, and research applies the right amount of resistance stress to each athlete and documents the outcomes so that he can individualize the programming for that particular athlete and their given sport and goals.

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