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Sports Practice

Speed Training

Speed Kills Period! A fast and agile (quick) athlete will win 99.9% of the time. Exceptional speed is inherent, however, all individual’s can improve on their current level of speed by working on running technique, strength training, plyometrics, and reaction drills.

The Athlete

An athlete who is not naturally fast can improve reaction time through training.  This can shorten the gap against a more genetically gifted athlete.  We also refer to this as game speed.  You can learn and develop to become faster through the proper training. 

The 5 to 7 yard Bubble©

After years of research and study we have developed a comprehensive system for training our athletes to be faster and quicker on their field of play.  Most sports activities can be determined within the first 3 to 5 steps of the movement or play.  For the most part whether you play Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling, or Track the first 3 to 5 steps of a play or movement will determine your rate of success.  If you are consistently quicker off of your break and can control your body through space you’ll be guaranteed to come out on top. 

What we do 

We train our athletes to be the fastest and quickest things in a 5 to 7 yard radius.  Our program develops that real world game day speed that will determine if you are a winner or loser.  Practicing how to run and how to change direction at a high velocity will enable you to utilize your body in a more biomechanically efficient manner, thus allowing you to be a more effective athlete on the field.

Our program is advanced and demanding on the body. A general level of conditioning is required in order to prevent injury and maximize the most out of the program.

Speed Training
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