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World Silver Medalist

We want to congratulate @dclouse21 for battling grad at the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida yesterday. Doug placed second to an incredibly accomplished weightlifter from Ukraine. Doug set 4 new American Masters National Records. Snatch 116 & 120 kilos, Clean and Jerk 146 and Total 266 kilos. He had a close attempt at 150 kilos in the Clean and Jerk but only made the Clean. Doug had never previously attempted that weight. It shows you again age is just a number and being strong is the fountain of youth. #mastersworldchampionships #mastersworldweightliftingchampionships #mastersnationals #mastersweightlifting #arizonamastersweightlifting #coachjoemicela #nevertooldtobestrong #arizonastrong

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