70 kilo Clean and Jerk by new lifter

New lifter to our program Jared Yellen

performing a 70 kilo Clean and Jerk during his Tuesday Training session. Jared is new to our gym and shows great positions he has been training hard we are excited to see how he progresses. Look for Jared in the 61 kilo weight class later this fall. Coach Joe has successfully Coached some of the best 55, 61, and old 62 and 69 weight class lifters in all of Arizona. Will Jared be the next great champion? Only time will tell. He has to buy into the system, his body has to adapt to the load, and mentally he has to be able to compete at the highest level. #performanceoneweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #olympicweightlifting #weightlifting #thesportofweightlifting

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