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Intense Training

Olympic Weightlifting

Personal Training

At Performance One we are driven to help all of our clients achieve their fitness goals by teaching safe and proper training techniques. Whether you’re trying to lose weight for a wedding or wanting to get in shape for recreational softball we have the program right for you. Our professional staff will take you step by step through your workout to ensure that you have a productive session. Each time you train we will strive to get you one step closer to your fitness goals. At Performance One Advanced Sports Training no goal is unattainable.


Healthy eating is essential for you to realize your fitness goals. At performance one we guide you through the chaos of fad diets and diet supplements to give you the best information available on the proven programs that work. We offer nutritional counseling based on your resting metabolic rate, body type, and work out regime. We follow realistic guidelines that all you to meet your goals without turning you into a starve crazed monster.

Recovery Center

Performance One offers several different programs to assist you in achieving the highest quality of care. Whether a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast everyone needs maintenance care to keep them going. We use a combination of the following to keep you performing at the highest level:

  • Flexibility

  • Massage Therapy

  • Hydrotherapy

Personal Training
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