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Joe Micela

Owner & Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach 

Coach Micela started Performance One back in 2000 with one goal in  mind, “To contribute my knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience to the  development of superior athletes.” Coach Micela has developed High  School, College, Professional, and Olympic Level Athletes.  He is  considered a leader in the field of Olympic Weightlifting and Explosive  Power Development for Sport Strength and Conditioning.

Joe Micela was born in South Philadelphia, PA and grew up in Southern  New Jersey. He attended Rutgers University and Arizona State University  on a Wrestling Scholarship. Graduating from ASU with a degree in  Exercise Science and Physical Education. Joe holds the title of Senior  International Coach from USA Weightlifting and is certified from the  National Strength and Conditioning Association. Coach Micela has  lectured throughout the country on the benefits of strength and  conditioning for sports and has coached athlete’s to national and  international medals. Joe Micela resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife  Libby and their sons Antonino and Gabriel

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joes Story

Joe Micela has ran Team Arizona Weightlifting, and he also has one of the  most successful Olympic Style Weightlifting Club in the Southwest.  In 2012 he formed the Performance One Weightlifting Club to closer tie the Performance One Athletes together under one facility and one name. 


As a  Weightlifting Coach He has produced many national and international  medalists.  In 2012 He Coached 4x National Champion Sarah Robles to the 2012 Olympics.  Robles has been the top female lifter in the US the last  three years.


  In 2011, Coach Micela guide the Women’s World Team to  solidify two Female Slots for the 2012 Olympics.  In 2010,  he coached  two athletes to the Senior World Championships in Antalya, Turkey.  He  also was named the Head Coach for the Woman’s Pan American Team.  In  2009 he was the Assistant Coach for both the Men’s and Women’s Senior  World Weightlifting Team.  And in 2008 he was awarded the Developmental  Coach of the Year from the United States Olympic Committee representing  the sport of Weightlifting.


In Arizona his duties include Head Coaching  the Junior National and Senior National Teams, promoting local and  national events, educating coaches through teaching courses,   and  recruiting talented athletes for the sport of Weightlifting. Prior to  these jobs Coach Micela was the Interim Head Strength and Conditioning  Coach at Northern Arizona University, Undergrad-Assistant Strength and  Conditioning Coach at Arizona State University.



“Joe is a well-educated and experienced coach/trainer. He has the talent to coach/train individuals for a wide range of athletic and sport interests. He has a professional maturity and business savvy that enables him to work with clients of all ages and grow his business.  I’ve trained with Joe for 6 years and have immensely enjoyed my time training with him. He is committed to each athlete’s success.”   


  -Nathan Peterson 


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